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Sundays From Harlem RELOADED airs each Sunday morning on Ibiza Live Radio!

SFH Reloaded Cropped ImageI’m very pleased to announce that will be hosting a new version of Sundays From Harlem each week as a part of their ‘Spirit of Ibiza SundayLine up’  This version of Sundays From Harlem is called “RELOADED” and will include a fresh first hour where I will have taken the license to mix up a more chilled out and relaxing set of songs to set you up for the beautiful Sunday Mornings in Ibiza. The 2nd hour of the show is where the “RELOADED ” part comes in. I will search through the archives to add an hour from past Sundays From Harlem episodes which will always be soulful and beautiful House Music that’s more Cool Jazz than fist pump. 

Please join us on from 10am-noon each Sunday Morning in Ibiza. If you like the Cafe Del Mar series, you will love the new Sundays from Harlem RELOADED show. I honestly get a lot of enjoyment out of producing this show each week because it gives me some freedom to actually stray from the standard House Music 4×4 sound and venture into more spacey, musical and beautiful sounds. And don’t worry if you miss it when it airs LIVE….I will dedicate a section of my website to allowing streams and downloads of the 1st hour of the show




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