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Sundays From Harlem on Ibiza Live Radio #004

Earlier this week, someone asked me what kind of House Music I play on my show. I thought about it for a second and said, “I play ‘Adult Contemporary House Music” What exactly do I consider ‘Adult Contemporary House Music?” I consider Adult Contemporary House Music to be a nice mix of Soulful Instrumentals, Deep House Vocals, Lofty Tech-House, and other stuff that is less abrasive on the ears than much of the more Jackin’, Progressive, and louder types of House Music out there. The focus of this show is to play music for those that LISTEN and understand what House Music is all about…House Music like all other types of music is about A FEELING and again, Im so happy that you are FEELING this show. Please share this podcast with your music loving friends, especially the ones who don’t know what House Music is. This music is too beautiful to be kept a secret from all of the millions of music lovers who have never heard it.

Tune in each Sunday on
9am-11am in NYC 
3pm-5pm in Ibiza

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01) Enjoy It Now (Ethan White Remix)-Tortured Soul 
02) Pearls (Timo Jahns Remix)-Sade, Timo Jahns 
03) Eminescence-Vince Watson 
04) Painless Ways (Ali & Calero Dub)-Richard Brooks, Tamika Boyce, Ali & Calero 
05) Let Go (Homero Espinosa Remix)-Alex Castaneda, Homero Espinosa 
06) Feel Right (Reel People Vocal Mix)-Joe Buhdha, Terri Walke 
07) Closer (Lay-Far Remix)-Coeo 
08) Eye Will Not (BugzIn The Attic Molecular Dub)-Aafronaut feat. Suheir Hammad 
09) In My Thoughts (Original Mix)-Deepconsoul 
10) Rendezvous (Vocal Mix)-Spiritchaser 
11) States-Jacob Bech 
12) Funky Superstar (Scott Diaz Remix)-Zakchac 
13) Blues In A Rose (Unreleased Jazz Mix)-Homero Espinosa 
14) Zachtjes-Nachtbraker 
15) Colours Of Love (The Layabouts Vocal Mix)-The Layabouts, Portia Monique 
16) Space Funky-Anthony Mea 
17) Voodoo Doll Ft. Himba (Original Mix)-Jonathan Meyer 
18) I Can Be-Nils Penner 
19) Feel Like This Forever-STP, Kevin Yost 
20) Equatoriale-Souldynamic

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