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Simon Cowells ‘Ultimate Dj’ will rinse creativity from Dj’ing

dj-simon-cowellI just found out that Simon Cowell is going ahead with his ‘Ultimate Dj’ competition show. I was under the impression that it was taken off the table for one reason or another. Apparently, there was some kind of feud between Simon and Will Smith’s Production Company. There was also harsh public criticism from people famous and not so famous. Fatboy Slim even chimed in and gave his opinion on the whole thing……

        “As dance music gets taken over by people like Cowell it becomes about being famous and money, the nasty side which I think for years it was relatively free of. Kids grow up thinking to be a DJ, you’ve got to be sexy and bling… it’s not about that.”

It’s kinda hard to believe Fatboy Slim is opposed to being famous and making money. But, he’s right about Dj’ing being, “more than that.” It’s about being creative. A Dj doesn’t have to beat match a 4×4 beat all night. Some Dj’s never beat match and still entertain their audience. Some Dj’s have never heard of a Crab Scratch and just as many have never heard of an Isolator. Yet, their audiences are just as passionate about hearing them play. The danger with this ‘Ultimate Dj’ show is that it will create a homogenization of the image of a Dj. Simon Cowells Ultimate Dj show will create a bland, mass produced, non creative, and completely unoriginal version of Dj’ing that will be mimicked all over the world. You will have Dj’s in small towns who will be playing their local bar in the same style that they saw on TV. They will hang out with their friends in their parents basement imitating the style they saw on TV. Many will aspire to be what they see on TV.

From every market that this show plays in, you are going to have people trying to be the same, cookie cutter Dj that they see on TV. This is my main problem with the ‘Ultimate Dj’ show. I don’t care about people wanting to get rich and famous by Dj’ing. My problem is the potential for the mass media to homogenize the most important part of any style of Dj’ing, and that’s the creative part.


  1. Iain - April 30, 2014 4:41 am

    Scary stuff indeed..the beginning of the end…again

  2. DJNinjaMusic - May 2, 2014 1:24 pm

    Not only will this deter aspiring DJs from exploring their own unique style & creativity, it will also create a set of unrealistic expectations for the general public to expect out of a DJ’s show. I expect an increasing frequency of moments where a headliner with a particular style gets kicked off the deck by the bottle service crowd for not playing “commercial” (e.g., Farina @ Marquee, DJ Shadow and Ferrer @ Mansion, and most recently Nick Warren at Club Vanguard in Seoul)


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