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Has the Internet helped or hurt House Music?

digital-music06.jpg.previewI’m writing this post after thinking about the different ways House Music has been impacted by the Internet. The Internet is saturated with horror stories brought on by Piracy. From Artists losing money, to getting out of the game completely, the stories are endless. So, I’m not going to list them here. However, Piracy is definitely something to consider when it comes to talking about the Internet and House Music.

Other than Piracy related ills, there are many ways that the Internet has helped House Music. It’s helped spread the sound to new parts of the globe like South Africa. It’s also helped people who have moved away from major cities to keep the music in their lives. At any time of day, there are thousands of people listening to House Music Internet Radio Stations all over the world. Websites like The Boiler Room and Be@Tv capture live sets by the world’s most famous Dj’s so people who live anywhere within the reach of the Internet can see their favorite Dj play a live set. Digital music stores like Traxsource, Beatport and iTunes have given Dj’s more choices than ever to shape the sound and style they are after. The Internet has also helped sites that cover House Music like and spread stories, opinions and trends to millions of fans worldwide. Video sites like Youtube have also been important in keeping the history of House Music alive with documentaries like, ‘The History of House Music available 24/7 with a click of the mouse.

The Internet has brought music from Artists and Producers to people who may have never heard it. It’s helped tell stories about the lives of hundreds, if not thousands of Dj’s to millions of people. It’s helped educate people on the history of House Music too. Although all of the things mentioned above can be seen as being positive, they can be also be overshadowed by all of the problems involved with Piracy……Is the Internet good or bad for House Music? As with most things, the answer probably lies somewhere in between.

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