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GrooveFinder puts Sundays From Harlem on their recommended list!

11796231_441368169383958_3723033793761872084_nThis week, I was extremely happy to learn that has listed Sundays From Harlem as one of their recommended Internet shows. It’s always great to see and hear people appreciate all of the work I put in each week and when I get an endorsement from one of the fastest growing websites related to house music, I get even more motivated and inspired to work harder on this show. Before this blog post gets started, I want to humbly thank for endorsing and promoting Sundays From Harlem. 

Haven’t heard about GrooveFinder yet? Well, in only 6 months, GrooveFinder has become one of the fastest growing sites related to house music and has attracted over 30,000 visitors from 100 countries. GrooveFinder posts daily recommendations for Internet shows, podcasts, tracks, mixes and photos. They also have a weekly show on and participate in various events worldwide called, “GrooveFinder on Tour.”

GrooveFinder is operated by CEO and Fashion Stylist Birke Beisert, with additional help by Journalist Markus Kater from home offices in Germany with contacts all over the world to keep on top of the newest grooves.  To keep the website constantly updated with new material, Birke finds new content by scouring sites like Soundcloud, Mixcloud, answering newsletters, listening to radio shows and getting out there to actually talk to people. Markus contributes his endless list of contacts and journalistic experience as an Editor-In-Chief with several European magazines to the site. 

GrooveFinder is much more concerned with the music itself rather than finding individual Dj’s to feature on some sort of ‘star page.’ It’s the music which connects the most well known Dj to the least known listener and that’s why the site has become so successful in such a short time. It’s the love of music that brought Birke and Markus together and it’s the passion for the music which fuels their desire to make the best source for House Music in the world.

I can’t thank enough for listing Sundays From Harlem as one of their recommended shows and I wish them all the best for future success.

Sundays From Harlem airs each Sunday on


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  1. Markus Kater (MaxK:) - August 8, 2015 6:19 pm

    Thank you Sir !!!


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