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Rhythm Staircase – So Sure

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  • Release: 21 Oct, 2013
  • Catalog No: LMSD25

LadyMarySound International record label, Italy

Italy, U.S.A. and South Africa joint venture on this dance floor banger by the debuting team RHYTHM STAIRCASE, a duo of producers formerly known for their individual releases: Maurice P and Stefano Riccardi. Their original mix has a funky sax riff with live percussions over a piano-driven warm latin mood. The South-African gurus of deep house, the DeepEchoes, have revamped this track with the wildest groove ever and their unmistakable sound that made them world renown. And you’re gonna love the “new kick” mix delivered by DJ Trevor Ricci from NY… old school chords samples, straight and hammering beat and a late eighties bass line are his ingredients of the recipe to make the SO SURE EP a charts topper!

1. Rhythm Staircase – So Sure (Original Mix)
2. Rhythm Staircase – So Sure (DeepEchoes Dance Remix)
3. Rhythm Staircase – So Sure (Trevor Ricci New Kick Mix)

Music by Maurizio Porcaro and Stefano Riccardi.
Stefano Riccardi plays live percussions on track #1.
Special thanks to Isa Vis for the cover design.
2013 LadyMarySound International/Soul Shift Music, courtesy of Level Out Music, a div. of SUGO Music Group. Published by Soul Shift Music ASCAP-NEN Music ASCAP