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Sundays From Harlem 3hr extended set recorded LIVE 20-July-2014

Its nice to have the final time slot on Sunday Evenings because it allows me to extend the set and give the show a more “After-Hours” feel after the scheduled 2hrs are done. This week, I extended the show to over 3hrs and went into a driving Deep/Tech House feel after 2hrs of smooth Jazzy and Soulful House.

Sundays From Harlem recorded LIVE on 12-July-2014

The House Music show that’s more Cool Jazz than fist pump started things off with a jazz quartet version of the Derrick Mays classic Strings of Life. Then the show moves into some classic tracks by Masters at Work and Renegade Soundwave before coming back to a more relaxed House groove with Inside by Bas Roots. Just because the show is focused on Jazz’d up musical House Music, it doesn’t mean that we don’t appreciate some Deep House. This week we get into some bass driven Deep House by Nina Kravitz and Massimo Cassini. I dropped my edit of the Saliva Commando hit ‘Breaking these Chains’ and then it’s nothing but uplifting vocal House Music by Muzart, Erik Kupper and LoveBirds to finish the set

SFH Slow Down Chill-Out session from 06-July-2014

This week’s Sundays From Harlem Slow Down set was extra chill. I love doing these weekly Chill-Out sets for I get to put together a new hour each week of nothing but downtempo, chilled out and easy vibes for a Sunday morning in Ibiza. The mixes weren’t my best [continue…]

Sundays From Harlem 2hr Podcast 07-July-2014

This set was a lot of fun to play. Lately, I’ve been finding myself playing a lot of Deep House. This week, I got away from that and returned to a more Soulful and Vocal set of music. This set has tracks from Jazzanova, Anthony Nicholson, Heather Johnson, Kyoto Jazz Massive, Sir-LSG, Jaidene Veda, Art Department and more!

Trevor Ricci’s Ibiza Live Sessions #6

This is the 6th episode of the IbizaLiveRadio sessions from Trevor Ricci. This series focuses on music outside of the world of House Music and keeps things easy, funky and perfect for a morning on the beaches of Ibiza

Sundays From Harlem 2hr Podcast 25-May-2014

I LOVE the new Sunday evening time slot! Im reaching more and more listeners here in The USA each Sunday evening. Tune in next week at 9pm-11pm in NYC, 8pm-10pm in Chicago and 6pm-8pm on The West Coast ONLY on

Sundays From Harlem 2hr Podcast +45min bonus minutes! 18-May-2014

This set was extended an additional 45 minutes this week. To hear the show LIVE tune in each Sunday Night from 9pm-11pm in NYC, 8pm-10pm in Chicago and 6pm-8pm on The West Coast on

Sundays From Harlem 1hr Sessions 04-May-2014

The only place online where you can get the full 2hr episode of Sundays From Harlem in two 1hr sessions. Join us for our new time each Sunday evening from 9pm-11pm in NYC, 8pm-10pm in Chicago and 6pm-8pm on The West Coast……..”House Music that’s more Cool Jazz than fist pump”