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Has the Internet helped or hurt House Music?

I’m writing this post after thinking about the different ways House Music has been impacted by the Internet. The Internet is saturated with horror stories brought on by Piracy. From Artists losing money, to getting out of the game completely, the stories are endless. So, I’m not going to list them [continue…]

Sundays From Harlem #008 on

This week, Sundays From Harlem tried something special for those who listen to the series consecutively via Podcast. We started this week’s show with the same song that ended last week’s show. “Enjoy it Now” from Tortured Soul is an amazing song which inspires us all to enjoy life [continue…]

Sundays From Harlem 007 on Ibiza Live Radio

This week, Sundays From Harlem started off with a brand new track by the Queen of Jazzy House music, Paris Cesvette called ‘Can We” and after a few soulful instrumental tracks, I brought in a heavy Tech-House vibe with a track by my good friend, Manipolato called ‘Never Forget.” [continue…]

Sundays From Harlem #006 on Ibiza Live Radio

Sundays From Harlem is the leader in Adult Contemporary House Music and we kicked things off this week with a smoking NuJazz/Breakbeat kinda track by Reel People called “Upside” from there we brought in some great stuff by Stephanie Cooke, Francios K, Josh Milan, Jon Cutler, and an absolutely [continue…]

Sundays From Harlem on Ibiza Live Radio #004

Earlier this week, someone asked me what kind of House Music I play on my show. I thought about it for a second and said, “I play ‘Adult Contemporary House Music” What exactly do I consider ‘Adult Contemporary House Music?” I consider Adult Contemporary House Music to be a [continue…]

Sundays From Harlem on Ibiza Live Radio #003

I need to take a minute to celebrate all of the people who have been interested in this show recently. I never expected the feedback to be so positive on a House Music show that isn’t playing House Music for a dance floor. However, I am seeing more and [continue…]

Sundays From Harlem on Ibiza Live Radio #002

  Sundays From Harlem is in it’s 2nd week on IbizaLiveRadio and Im so happy to see people breaking away from the crowd and supporting a show that doesn’t focus on typical repetitive House Music. Instead, we concentrate our playlists for the people who really enjoy the intricacies of [continue…]

What motivates you to Dj?

Lately, I have been wondering what different motivations people have to DJ. For me, the first motivation was in High School when I got frustrated with the music that the ‘established’ DJ in our NYC suburban town would play during the school dances. This was an exciting time when Hip-Hop [continue…]

Sundays From Harlem SLOW DOWN #21 for Ibiza Live Radio

Here is episode #21 of our chillout series called, ‘The Sundays From Harlem Slow Down’ ……..The Slow Down Series is the downtempo compliment to our regular Deep and Soulful House Music sessions and can be heard each Sunday on…..This week we started things off with The Sura Quintet and [continue…]