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Sundays From Harlem on Ibiza Live Radio #003

I need to take a minute to celebrate all of the people who have been interested in this show recently. I never expected the feedback to be so positive on a House Music show that isn’t playing House Music for a dance floor. However, I am seeing more and more people each week clicking on the fan page and downloading the session each week. This gives me even more motivation to continue to craft these two hour sessions with nothing holding me back. I don’t worry about satisfying a dance floor, I don’t worry about playing the biggest track of the week, I don’t worry about songs that will satisfy the bar. I honestly get to focus on really beautiful House Music for people who like to LISTEN to it instead of following their friends to a club and posing all night….Thanks to YOU for listening, sharing and commenting on this show. It gives me so much good energy….Thanks so much!


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01) Count Your Blessings (Main Mix)-Rabs Vhafuwi, Mizz 
02) Never Give Up On Love (Sean McCabe Need Your DUB)-Alex Millet feat. Cinnamon Brown 
03) Soul Search-Problem Child Ten83, Chymamusique 
04) Take Me To My Love-Ralf GUM feat. Monique Bingham 
05) Butterflies feat. Dyanna Fearon-Reel People 
06) My House (Spiritual Blessings Afro Funky Sicka Mix Inst)-Donald Sheffey 
07) Stirring Me Up (Stirring Me Up)-Hallex.M featuring Lady Bird 
08) I Can’t Do That (K. Kutz Mix)-Stephen Simmonds 
09) Holdin On (Lovebirds 808ies Matrix)-Lovebirds, Lisa Shaw 
10) I Want You (Trevor Ricci’s Remix)-Jody Watley 
11) Get Yourself Together (Joshua’s Main Mix)-John Arnold 
12) Good Life (Good Vocal Mix)-Kaori 
13) Prayer / Dance Into The Sun-Lars Bartkuhn 
14) Flores Para Ti (Main Mix) 
15) Sangue De Beirona (12″ Main Pass)-Cesaria Evora 
16) Bem Ma Mi (Ian Friday Retouch Flugel Guitar Solo Mix)-Anane 
17) Someone Like You (Kings of Groove Remix)-Soulmagic 
18) Specialize In Love (Trevor Ricci Remix)-Sharon Brown

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